Old bentley lighters

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My grandfather died recently, and one of the many things of his I received was an old Bentley Butane Lighter. There is no cartridge in it. I'm not sure, but I think .
This is a group of eleven lighters. One is a Liberty Bell cigarette case table lighter real cool. T are two adv. Camel cigarettes, Excello Adv. Sander Grain & Comm .
Most vintage Bentley lighters cannot be refilled. They were made to have disposable tanks that would be replaced. Start looking on eBay for one.
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very nice vintage big bold bently butane gent's lighter made in austria patented in u.s.a. #403 leaves in the wind, in the original bentley box with the model #403 .
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So a long long time ago, I bought an old lighter from one of those mall kiosk tables. its a bentley lighter, and it works pretty well. It may be my
This is a Very nice Old Bentley made in Austria. It is a automatic butane pipe lighter and it is like new in the origional satin and velvet hinged box with .
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Old bentley lighters

by Michi1308 Question by jerryskirbygal: How to refill old school
BENTLEY PIPE LIGHTER (03/24/2009) - Antiques, Art and Collectibles . this is a new bentley butane pipe lite pipe lighter. the lighter is chrome. the bottom of the .
Best Answer: Yes, go to a store, what they used to call Tobacconists,they carry cigarettes and cigars etc. and ask for lighter fluid, It comes in a small thin can .
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